Friday, January 18, 2013

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

All right, well hello there.
Well today I wanted to talk about movies

And not like, Oh this was a great movie, or don't see that, but I wanted to talk about the perpose of movies in general.
You see, I started think about this after my mom made me watch the movie with her.

Let me first explain what it was about:
It started out pretty good, it was about a girl who was very plain, ans akward and no one really liked her. And her dad resented her because her mother died giving birth to her. (this ia a period piece btw) and then she falls in love with this really nice guy who is kinda poor. And there is all these conflicts with money, and her dad and then her rubbish aunt.

But then in the end it is all for nothing. Becuase the couple have a big argument where he is in the wrong, and he leaves for EIGHT years. And then comes BACK after the father dies, and she won't forgive him, and they never see each other again.


and I just sat there during the credits, WAITING for more. Caues it can't just end like that! I mean who does that!! What a terrible ending! That should be a crime!

So I got to thinking about why we watch these movies. Why are they so prelavant in the 21 century?

I think most people, including myself, watch movies for the escape of it. When we watch movies we slowly slip out of our reality, into the fantastic world of the imagination, where anything is possible. We want to loose ourselves in the excitement of it all, if it be animation, romance, or some kind of adventure.

And so I bring myself back to the distressing movie that I watched, and asked how do people enjoy these things? Why does my mom like them so much? "It shows the reality of things", my mom says, "that he actions had concequnces."

If I wanted to see the reality of things, I would watch the news channel. If I want reality, then I would be observing the life around me.

It's like going to a movie so that you can watch someone go to the grocery store and you say, "Now that's some good reality right there."
I just does not compute, why anyone would want to see that! I have enough of reality, thank you very much. Now give me a good romance story with a little comedy, or a hero's awe inspiring tale.
Thats my kind of movie

p.s. I went to the eye doctors today and guess what?! I'm getting glasses --O-O--

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

waz up folks?

ok, i haven't been on here for a while.
my apologizes.
Whats new you ask

the weather is new, i suppose.
i like this weather a lot.
I makes me feel mysterious
you should be afraid
very afraid
the silencer
is coming for you

winter break is new too
i have already had a sleep over with my cousins
i was epic

the boredom isn't exactly new
but it is caused for a different reason
three weeks
with nothing to do
hang out with friends here and there
but thats it
no big plans
no vacations
i know right? tragic

I WANT A VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!
New York, Mexico, Canada, Arizona, San Fransisco


Tuesday, November 09, 2010


So it seems we have newcomers,WELCOME aliens from a foreign land. I believe i can say in behalf of everyone at this little blog, that we hope you come in peace.
In other news i got a 4 on my writing prompt!! Yay!! Whose proud of me?

It's funny, i joined the national Novel Writing Month( otherwise known as NaNoWriMo) because of Sly Anonymous, but now i come up absolutly blank! It's so frustrating! I need some inspiration.
Any ideas, anyone? well let me know....
I was seriously considering writing a pirate novel, but i dont know if it will be stupid. Whatever....

Ack! im really wired right now because i thought i would have to stay up all night writing an essay for my stupid college class, but it turns out i kinda B.S.ed my way through it so i finished it in like an hour. So i finished an entire glass of gross iced tea for the caffeine, for NOTHING!!!!

What else, What else.......

Oh! who else is PUMPED to see The Hobbit come out in theaters next year?! I get chills just thinking about it!! Im such a huge Lord of the Rings fan, it's a little pathetic. heh, heh...

Name movie from this quote: "im all alone, there's no one her beside me! my problems have not gone! there's no one to derive ME!!! BUT YOU GOTTA HAVE FRIENDS!!"\
Lol, most of you guys wont get it (or just dont care).

Alrighty, i've run out of steam,
waverly smithers

Monday, November 01, 2010

Left handed discrimination

hello people!!!! Guess where i am right now? No, im not at Disneyland, no im not on a secret mission, no im not in Italy. I'm in SCHOOL! Crazy right? I know! i am currently sitting at my desk that is made for right handed people (irritating right?), and on a school computer writing this for my nerds.
Ok, i have one topic i specifically want to talk about today. Left handed discrimination.
Topic #1
I want to start off by saying how UNREASONABLE it is that schools do not have desks for left handed people. 10% of the WORLDS population is left handed. So that 10% are suffering in some small way.That is more than 700,000,000 people!!!! Now you right handed people are probably thinking that this is no big deal, but trust me for the few left handed in this world, it is peeves us to no extent. Stop and think about it for a second. Close your eyes and imagine, the hand that you write with is not being supported by anything and you have to hold up you hand to write. Now imagine that you have just worked very hard on writing nice and neat on an assignment and you look at your cramped hand to see lead marks all over it. Then in horror you look at you paper to see that everything you have written had been smeared as you were writing. THAT is the story of my life people!!!! It is so horribly frustrating!!!

There is also a saying that left handed people died younger than right handed people. THIS IS A MYTH!!!!!! "I found that the only reason left-handers would die any younger is because machinery would be made for right-handers and that would cause accidents," states So the only is might EVER be true, is because we are discriminated against with the use of technology! So technically right handed people are KILLING US!!!! Ugggghh!!!

ANOTHER THING!!! Scissors!!! I swear,using right handed scissors WILL be the death of me. I dont even know what to call this discrimination! It is not racist, because technically left handed people are not a different race (which by the way i think should happen), but it needs a name.

ok sorry for my ranting, but this is a problem and it needs to be fixed! Be sure to comment your opinion...


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In case you havent noticed, I changed my background!!!! It took me forever to figure out how to use it, bit I DID!!! I even got to put my own little picture up there! YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! ok lets calm down, its not that exciting... SMITHERS, your are a genuis! ok, you dont have to take it THAT far, i did put a lot of effort in to it though.... Im serious you are AMAZING, your my new hero, you can save this world, you have holiness driping off you, let me touch your hand AH! i touched her hand!im healed, i bet i got some of her genuisness!AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
That is what i want to be hearing from you folks!!! Because i change this background JUST to make your life interesting. Aha, OK, Im done with my little rant.
Oh by the way im doing make a diffrence day this Saturday! im so excited! And i just cant hide it!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


So today i was randomly going through thing on my computer, and during this boredom i realized I HAVE A BLOG. And in this blog i have people that look from day to day only to be disappointed that nothing new has been posted, and then they have to go on with their miserable day, without the amazingness of Secret Agent Waverly Smithers! Yes folks, in my world i have people that just wait everyday, only surviving the next, to read MY BLOG!
.......... and then reality came crashing down on me to realize that all i have is some awesome people that read my blog out of pity............
Oh well! Moving on! So today in the cafeteria was looking at the weirdos around me and my eyes landed on this guy that had a laptop. Upon further examination I see that this laptop has a official government thingy-ma-bobber on it and i was like WA? So then i thought up this huge story about how the man was a secret agent and he came to scope out me and my surroundings during my undercover mission. And then i thought about how if Sam and the gang were here we would do something AWESOME!But since you were not there i decided to take action in dedication to the Gang!! So i went over to him and i asked him ,"Ahem... are you the government agent that has come to give me my mission?" And then he looked confused so i pointed at the thingy-ma-bobber in his laptop and he laughed and told me," No, thats just a sticker.." and then i walked away......

The End