Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ello old Chaps

Ello there! sorry about not writin for awhile. I've been very busy With homework!!!!! Next week we have testing- it sucks the life out of you!!!Any way I wanted to tell you somthing so sad...... I have found one flaw in Tom Welling! Sad right? Well here it is- he dosent have an accent. I know you may be thinking " THATS IT? For a hunky guy you should be able to look over this minor problem!" But I tell you now its not just a minor problem- its a HUGE problem. You see I must marry someone with an accent(preferably irsh or scottish) because.... well i dont know, i just have to 'cause men with accents are so irrestable!!!!! So heres my plan when in 18 Im going to fly Irland and find my dream man , we'll fall madly in love and then we will move back to Cali., buy a mansion (because he'll be incredibly weathly) and live happily ever after, even if he isnt Tom Welling.
The End
(Beautiful story ain't it)

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  1. Haha years from now when your engaged to a non-accented man we will have to explain to him that that he just isnt good enough and that you need a true scottish/irish man