Sunday, July 05, 2009

The finally of my trip:(

I have come to the sad conclusion of my little trip. It turns out it was actually a 4 day trip instead of a five day trip. Yesterday @ around 4:30 we got home from a very long drive. The estimated hours of this car trip would be around 5 to 6 . For all my spy friends out there, I would like to share an awsome exprience I had in San Fransisco. There was a SPY SHOP!!!! Im not even kidding! It was called the I.S.S. or the International Spy Shop. It was too COOL!!!! There was actually spy stuff on sale for like $3000 !! They had pens that were actually very small microphones and sound recorders, samuri swords, and hidden cameras!! My dad actually bought a lock picking tool kit for $50. I got a T-shirt that says" I was never here". I have to say right now, It was like I died and went to heaven. It was the best exprience on that trip!!!!!
Well if you have any questions let me know!!!!


Friday, July 03, 2009

Day Four- San Fransisco

Well, yestarday night we made it to San Fransisco. We are staying at the freakin' Travel lodge. Its a real crappy , two star hotel, but i suppose its better than a hostel. Man, I would hate to be in one of those!!! Anyways, its really pretty here and the Golden Gate Bridge is soooo beautiful!!!! Its 1 1/2 miles long and it hard to believe that humans actually built that. It's INCREDIBLE what human techonlogy can do. Today we went to the Exploratorium. Its like the science musemum that we used to go to as a field trip, execept way bigger and way more hands on. It was so big that we spent 2 hours in it and didnt even get to the second floor. We also explored the Fishermans worph and my mom bought some fake coach purses(hush, hush). Its so weird to walk around and just see homless people every where. It's kind of depressing. Later today we are going to go out and buy some Cold Stones with the gift card I got from graduation. In case you dont know, if your a horrible driver, you would not survive in SF. It's really cool too becuase most of the streets are on REALLY sloped hills, going down one is like a roller coaster, it's fun and terrifying at the same time. It's like you really hope the brakes on your car dont give out at this exact moment.:) Anyway I should go, I'll keep you updated.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Santa Cruz

this is the carnival by the board walk:

Well here we are, our third day on the road. Yesterday we made it to Santa Cruise, where i met my Great Aunt for the first time i remember. She is actully pretty cool, and her name is sarah. Now pay attention people because this story she told me blows my mind away!!!!!! Okay, so she kissed ELVIS!!!!!!!! Cool right? So Elvis has just finish a concert in New York , Madison Square Garden and she was there and bribed the security guard to tell them where Elvis was coming out to leave. So when they got there Elvis' limo was coming out of the parking garage. They started screaming and shouting and Elvis looked over and waved at them, then they drove of, but caught a red light a couple yards away. So then Aunt Sarah and her buddy ran over to them again and waved and stuff. So Elvis rolled down the window and leaned over and kissed her flat on the mouth!!!!!!! Then the limo drove of and left her so shock that she just sat down in the middle of Broadway Blv. with traffic buzzing all around her. So that is the end of her story. Every time I think about this story i still cant believe it! Anyway we took her and her boyfriend out to dinner and I got all these embarasing stories about my dad, it was really funny. So in Santa Cruz we are actually by the famous Boardwalk. It really pretty and it makes me want to sing some old Frank Sinatra. There is a carnival right by it and thats pretty cool, i want to go there but i dont know if we will.
Well Ill keep you updated, but for now GOOD BYE!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Road Trip!!!!!

Hello everyone, this is Waverly Smithers reporting from Moonstone beach(named after the beautiful rocks you see above). In case you dont know where that is, its in Cambria, and if you dont know where that is well.... get a map. Anyway, me and my family(me, mom, dad, and grandma)are on a five day road trip to San Fransisco. Today would be the begining of day two. The weather: foggy and humid(lovely)
We are staying in a cute inn called: Fog Catcher Inn. Its really nice.
Well it has not been very excting yet so i will keep you updated.