Friday, July 03, 2009

Day Four- San Fransisco

Well, yestarday night we made it to San Fransisco. We are staying at the freakin' Travel lodge. Its a real crappy , two star hotel, but i suppose its better than a hostel. Man, I would hate to be in one of those!!! Anyways, its really pretty here and the Golden Gate Bridge is soooo beautiful!!!! Its 1 1/2 miles long and it hard to believe that humans actually built that. It's INCREDIBLE what human techonlogy can do. Today we went to the Exploratorium. Its like the science musemum that we used to go to as a field trip, execept way bigger and way more hands on. It was so big that we spent 2 hours in it and didnt even get to the second floor. We also explored the Fishermans worph and my mom bought some fake coach purses(hush, hush). Its so weird to walk around and just see homless people every where. It's kind of depressing. Later today we are going to go out and buy some Cold Stones with the gift card I got from graduation. In case you dont know, if your a horrible driver, you would not survive in SF. It's really cool too becuase most of the streets are on REALLY sloped hills, going down one is like a roller coaster, it's fun and terrifying at the same time. It's like you really hope the brakes on your car dont give out at this exact moment.:) Anyway I should go, I'll keep you updated.



  1. Hey Abby its Sam... Yeah Im back sorry I haven't emailed you yet but I will as soon as I get my pics loaded into the computer. Its so cool you went to San Fran!That was one of the stops on my trip (unfortunately the GayPride Parade was going on at the same time, so we didn't stay long). Driving really is crazy there! I don't get the purpose of all those one way signs!And I can't believe your great aunt KISSED elvis!!! Old people are so cool.

  2. Thats cool you went to SF!!! did you stop at the International Spy Shop?