Saturday, September 05, 2009

J.W. Convention weekend

Hey guys, Im really really really soory that i havent been posting this weekend like i said i would. Ive been SSSOOOO busy . I still have a ton of homwork to do!!!! Yikes!!! Ive been having ALOT of fun so far. My cousin got baptised today ,which is really exciting! (not grace or hayley, its somone i havent really told you guys about.)
Well sam keep working on that documentory!!!


Friday, August 07, 2009

Bottom of the food chain, once again.

Well, new school , new classes, new bullies, new hardships, but same GREAT FRIENDS!!! Wow, I cant believe school is starting already!!!! I just went and got my new class schedule,and text books. The school campus for West Ranch is HUGE. I got lost just looking at it. You know what the real bummer is? I have classes in every corner of the school!! i mean they could not get any farther apart if you tried. I think somone is purposly trying to ruin my life. Mitchel, is that you?Anyways, im really hoping my friends are in my classes, but we'll see. I mean its a big campus. I could probably go and not see any of my friends the whole day. LETS GO WILDCATS!! YAYYYY!!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The finally of my trip:(

I have come to the sad conclusion of my little trip. It turns out it was actually a 4 day trip instead of a five day trip. Yesterday @ around 4:30 we got home from a very long drive. The estimated hours of this car trip would be around 5 to 6 . For all my spy friends out there, I would like to share an awsome exprience I had in San Fransisco. There was a SPY SHOP!!!! Im not even kidding! It was called the I.S.S. or the International Spy Shop. It was too COOL!!!! There was actually spy stuff on sale for like $3000 !! They had pens that were actually very small microphones and sound recorders, samuri swords, and hidden cameras!! My dad actually bought a lock picking tool kit for $50. I got a T-shirt that says" I was never here". I have to say right now, It was like I died and went to heaven. It was the best exprience on that trip!!!!!
Well if you have any questions let me know!!!!


Friday, July 03, 2009

Day Four- San Fransisco

Well, yestarday night we made it to San Fransisco. We are staying at the freakin' Travel lodge. Its a real crappy , two star hotel, but i suppose its better than a hostel. Man, I would hate to be in one of those!!! Anyways, its really pretty here and the Golden Gate Bridge is soooo beautiful!!!! Its 1 1/2 miles long and it hard to believe that humans actually built that. It's INCREDIBLE what human techonlogy can do. Today we went to the Exploratorium. Its like the science musemum that we used to go to as a field trip, execept way bigger and way more hands on. It was so big that we spent 2 hours in it and didnt even get to the second floor. We also explored the Fishermans worph and my mom bought some fake coach purses(hush, hush). Its so weird to walk around and just see homless people every where. It's kind of depressing. Later today we are going to go out and buy some Cold Stones with the gift card I got from graduation. In case you dont know, if your a horrible driver, you would not survive in SF. It's really cool too becuase most of the streets are on REALLY sloped hills, going down one is like a roller coaster, it's fun and terrifying at the same time. It's like you really hope the brakes on your car dont give out at this exact moment.:) Anyway I should go, I'll keep you updated.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Santa Cruz

this is the carnival by the board walk:

Well here we are, our third day on the road. Yesterday we made it to Santa Cruise, where i met my Great Aunt for the first time i remember. She is actully pretty cool, and her name is sarah. Now pay attention people because this story she told me blows my mind away!!!!!! Okay, so she kissed ELVIS!!!!!!!! Cool right? So Elvis has just finish a concert in New York , Madison Square Garden and she was there and bribed the security guard to tell them where Elvis was coming out to leave. So when they got there Elvis' limo was coming out of the parking garage. They started screaming and shouting and Elvis looked over and waved at them, then they drove of, but caught a red light a couple yards away. So then Aunt Sarah and her buddy ran over to them again and waved and stuff. So Elvis rolled down the window and leaned over and kissed her flat on the mouth!!!!!!! Then the limo drove of and left her so shock that she just sat down in the middle of Broadway Blv. with traffic buzzing all around her. So that is the end of her story. Every time I think about this story i still cant believe it! Anyway we took her and her boyfriend out to dinner and I got all these embarasing stories about my dad, it was really funny. So in Santa Cruz we are actually by the famous Boardwalk. It really pretty and it makes me want to sing some old Frank Sinatra. There is a carnival right by it and thats pretty cool, i want to go there but i dont know if we will.
Well Ill keep you updated, but for now GOOD BYE!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Road Trip!!!!!

Hello everyone, this is Waverly Smithers reporting from Moonstone beach(named after the beautiful rocks you see above). In case you dont know where that is, its in Cambria, and if you dont know where that is well.... get a map. Anyway, me and my family(me, mom, dad, and grandma)are on a five day road trip to San Fransisco. Today would be the begining of day two. The weather: foggy and humid(lovely)
We are staying in a cute inn called: Fog Catcher Inn. Its really nice.
Well it has not been very excting yet so i will keep you updated.


Monday, June 15, 2009

i found a new one!!

okay, so i was on (which is like online tv)and I was looking for a new show to watch, then I stumbled on a show called "Legend of the Seeker". Its based of a book or somthing, anyways, I started watching it, and I LOVE it!!! The guy on it is sooo hot!!!His name is Craig Horner. Guess what folks, he is AUSTRALIAN, and he has got the cutest little accent!!!Here are some pics.:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well here i am

hey, soory i havent written in a while. okay so here is my weekend(please bare in mind it was quite a long weekend so hang with my rambling.):on friday i went tp the live oak elementary school with my cousins(grace and hayley) because they were helping one of thier techers clean up and we got to meet his daughter. and i went becuase im literally 5 seconds away form school. so at 9:00 we went there..... la de da (i stole a sweetshirt from the lost and found, shhhhh) ..... after a couple hours we walked back to my place and hung mom had to go to walmart so we went with her. came home ,hung out some more ,then we had to drop my cousins of at there house. 2 min. after i got home we got a call and it was my cousins!!! i was like"hi.... did you forget somthing?" and grace was like" my mom wants to know if you can come over", and i was like "ummmm..... ookkaayy?" grace said" ya i dint know why she didnt ask you when you dropped us " so i said "ya sure" and then we hung up. 2 min.later, (sorry about all the details), grace calls AGAIN!!! she says" my mom wants to know if you can spend the night i was like" wow that was really sudden, sure, were not doing anything" shes like "okay my moms on her way" so i spend the night at their house, my dad and a whole bunch of people were over there playing poker.

SATURDAY:(i cant promise this one will be shorter) so in the morning we went out in service(which like a church thing we do)then we went home and changed and chrashed at a girls graduation party who i dont even know, but apparently my cousins do. anyway we were some of the first people to arrive the jumper was empty so we went in it. in it we played this game like tag except the person who is it has to close their eyes(because it was not a very big jumper) . when hayley was it i started running around at the very edge of the jumper and(this was sooooo embarasing) as i was running i slipped and fell through the flaps that you enter through, did a somersault, and landed on the grass on my butt. i was laughing so hard and when i looked aroung all the adaults were staring at me like" who brought this freak". after a hour of that fun we when to another graduation party( this one i was totally invited to). the people there have bought a face painting kit, and i totally got into it. i was like a proffesional and i was sooo proud of my artistic skills that were embeded on all the 5 year olds. So now im thinking that mabye i should go into the face painting buisness. I mean wouldnt that be kinda cool??!!! anywho i went back home and went to bed from that exausting day.
SUNDAY:(this one will be way shorter) so i got up and took a shower and then i realized that i was SICK!!!! can you believe that!!!!!!!! i was like "NOOOOOOO!!" so here i am , sitting here on a perfectly lovely day. im sooooo mad. And that is the end of this way to long story.WAVERLY SMITHERSP.S. one of my gifts for graduation was a superman t-shirt!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

hello from montana

HELLO!!!!!!!! here are some pic.s of the town in montana by which im staying. i miss all you guys!!!!!!cant wait to come home!!!! ive been having fun, kinda. but anyway, im going to bring home some soveiners for you guys so be prepared, but dont expect much.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Aren

hello again,
sorry i havent posted in a while. i havent been in the mood for posting. But now i have something to write about. this is just a story i wrote when i was sick and really bored. I actually thought of it while i was taking a shower, but you dont really need to know about that.Anyway, i just wanted to share it on here. Its called the Aren. and here it is:

The Aren
One day when the weather was bright and cheerful, twig went, as any other day, making his way to the small town in which he lived by. Though the village was more than a league away from his farm, and he was only a small boy of twelve, the distance was a small feat, for he had walked it many times. As he walked along the beaten path, he made a quick decision to walk through the forest, as a short cut, for he still had many chores waiting at home. So, through the woods he went and even though he was very determined to have time to play before nightfall, he started to regret his choice.
AS an hour goes by of walking through the thick woods, he becomes more and more wary of his surroundings. The deeper he gets into the forest, the more it grows dark and damp. A gloomy gale blows through and the ancient trees sway back and forth, moaning with sorrow. A chill goes down his back and a loud shriek fills the silence. He jumped at every rustle in the bushes or movement in the trees. Twig soon lost every sense of direction, and decided to retrace his steps, even though it would cost him precious time, and his mother would be sore at him.
Turning around, something caught his eye. A glimmer of silver reflected against the dim sunlight in the woods. Intrigued, twig bent down and nudged away brush to investigate further. What he found left him awestruck. It was a flower, but not just any flower. Its petals were every shade deep blue to violet, and the rims of the petals was lined with silver. It dazzled in the sunlight and rippled with color as if it were alive. Twig new right away this was no ordinary flower. As he leaned forward, trying to get a closer look at it, it began to glow and gave off warmth, as if by a fire. It was simply enchanting.
All at once the memory came back to twig. He had heard of this flower before, not believing it was true, by a traveling storyteller that had come across the village. It was called the “aren”. It was said to fill you with joy when you touch it, and was the rarest flower in the world. There were only a few of them left and their numbers still are dwindling. They soon would be extinct, for it can only reproduce when it dies and even then it must die a natural death.
Twig fell in love with it as soon as he saw it, and knew he must have it as his own. “If not for me,” twig muttered, “than for my bitter mother”. He knew in his head that he should not pick it, for it would never be able to reproduce, but his heart said otherwise, so as he let greed and envy take over him, he pushed those thoughts away. When twig touched the aren, pure happiness radiated from him, but as he began to uproot it form the soil, the joy shrank back and turn in to fear and anger. As if the aren has a mind of its own, twig could feel the frustration of the flower, and it started to turn shades of red. The part of the story that twig did not know of the aren, was that if you tried to take it or disturbed it in any way; it would turn against you, in ways unimaginable. So as twig pulled and tugged on the flower, it in return started feeding off his joy and happy memories, so all that was left was sorrow.
Twig finally managed to pull out the mighty aren, but as he did so he wept uncontrollably. He knew he had done a horrible thing and now had paid the price if it. He stood up sobbing and moaning and, for what seemed like hours, tried to find his way home. Twig finally stumbled across a road and walked until he found his home.
Mean while, twigs mother paced anxiously on her porch, waiting for twig to come home. It was nearly sun set, and he had never taken this long before. Relief flooded trough her as she saw him turn the corner of the road. She ran to him and kissed him on his cheeks. Salty bitterness touched her lips and she realized that he was crying. Twig dug his face into her shoulder and quaked uncontrollably. “What could have done this to my darling boy?” she thought.
From that day forward, twig was filled with sorrow and remorse. He could not even remember what happiness and laughter felt like, because the aren had taken those memories away. During the day he was bitter at everything and only talked when questioned, then at night the anger would turn to sadness and he would cry himself to sleep. And so it went on, until the day he died. It was such a large price to pay for such a small act.

The end

P.s. i made some minor changes to it so if you have already read it at school, read it again. Im also very proud of myself because i typed it up all by myself! YAY ME!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ello old Chaps

Ello there! sorry about not writin for awhile. I've been very busy With homework!!!!! Next week we have testing- it sucks the life out of you!!!Any way I wanted to tell you somthing so sad...... I have found one flaw in Tom Welling! Sad right? Well here it is- he dosent have an accent. I know you may be thinking " THATS IT? For a hunky guy you should be able to look over this minor problem!" But I tell you now its not just a minor problem- its a HUGE problem. You see I must marry someone with an accent(preferably irsh or scottish) because.... well i dont know, i just have to 'cause men with accents are so irrestable!!!!! So heres my plan when in 18 Im going to fly Irland and find my dream man , we'll fall madly in love and then we will move back to Cali., buy a mansion (because he'll be incredibly weathly) and live happily ever after, even if he isnt Tom Welling.
The End
(Beautiful story ain't it)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Hello there my furry friends!!!!!Ooh- Sam if your reading this, i just thought that that this should be my catch phrase(see above). You know how your is "I know, right".well anyways- I'm very depressed because this is our last official day of spring break!Nooooooooooooo!!!! well of course there is this weekend but that doesnt really count because we would have gotten that of even if we were in school, and not being lazy.sniffles. anyway, i have to go! Duty calls.
Over and Out

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Superman #2

in case your wondering he play in Smallville(a currently playing TV show). And so here is my man.


Okay, I might as well get this out right now. Im in love with superman! Yes, you heard me right- Superman.I love all superman, but one guy especially and that would be.....TOM WELLING!!!!!!!!now please not judge me because im not usaullt all mushy and boy crazy but when it comes to him nothing can stop me!!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stupid People

hey so i went to the Camireo outlet yesterday with my friends ,annd i saw this holey pair of jeans with like bullet hole in them for like $200. No offense to anyone but that is just ridiculus!!!! if you really want to pay that much money for torn jeans give me some $10 ones and i can ripe them up for you!!!!well, that was just a thought.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Well im very happy to announce that i have my own blog!!!!(well duh) and it will be very exciting-i hope. well im going to leave this very brief because i still have to figure out how everything on here works.