Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well here i am

hey, soory i havent written in a while. okay so here is my weekend(please bare in mind it was quite a long weekend so hang with my rambling.):on friday i went tp the live oak elementary school with my cousins(grace and hayley) because they were helping one of thier techers clean up and we got to meet his daughter. and i went becuase im literally 5 seconds away form school. so at 9:00 we went there..... la de da (i stole a sweetshirt from the lost and found, shhhhh) ..... after a couple hours we walked back to my place and hung mom had to go to walmart so we went with her. came home ,hung out some more ,then we had to drop my cousins of at there house. 2 min. after i got home we got a call and it was my cousins!!! i was like"hi.... did you forget somthing?" and grace was like" my mom wants to know if you can come over", and i was like "ummmm..... ookkaayy?" grace said" ya i dint know why she didnt ask you when you dropped us " so i said "ya sure" and then we hung up. 2 min.later, (sorry about all the details), grace calls AGAIN!!! she says" my mom wants to know if you can spend the night i was like" wow that was really sudden, sure, were not doing anything" shes like "okay my moms on her way" so i spend the night at their house, my dad and a whole bunch of people were over there playing poker.

SATURDAY:(i cant promise this one will be shorter) so in the morning we went out in service(which like a church thing we do)then we went home and changed and chrashed at a girls graduation party who i dont even know, but apparently my cousins do. anyway we were some of the first people to arrive the jumper was empty so we went in it. in it we played this game like tag except the person who is it has to close their eyes(because it was not a very big jumper) . when hayley was it i started running around at the very edge of the jumper and(this was sooooo embarasing) as i was running i slipped and fell through the flaps that you enter through, did a somersault, and landed on the grass on my butt. i was laughing so hard and when i looked aroung all the adaults were staring at me like" who brought this freak". after a hour of that fun we when to another graduation party( this one i was totally invited to). the people there have bought a face painting kit, and i totally got into it. i was like a proffesional and i was sooo proud of my artistic skills that were embeded on all the 5 year olds. So now im thinking that mabye i should go into the face painting buisness. I mean wouldnt that be kinda cool??!!! anywho i went back home and went to bed from that exausting day.
SUNDAY:(this one will be way shorter) so i got up and took a shower and then i realized that i was SICK!!!! can you believe that!!!!!!!! i was like "NOOOOOOO!!" so here i am , sitting here on a perfectly lovely day. im sooooo mad. And that is the end of this way to long story.WAVERLY SMITHERSP.S. one of my gifts for graduation was a superman t-shirt!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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