Saturday, September 05, 2009

J.W. Convention weekend

Hey guys, Im really really really soory that i havent been posting this weekend like i said i would. Ive been SSSOOOO busy . I still have a ton of homwork to do!!!! Yikes!!! Ive been having ALOT of fun so far. My cousin got baptised today ,which is really exciting! (not grace or hayley, its somone i havent really told you guys about.)
Well sam keep working on that documentory!!!



  1. We missed you so much on Friday! Hi, by the way. Speaking of Friday, it was pretty eventful but Sam got most of it on her camera for you to see. My dancing buddy was was a very sad day without you

  2. Hey Abby! Missed you and glad to hear your having an awesome time. Listen dont be expecting too much out of my documentary so far. Im so frustrated cuz my copmuter keeps making me download all these programs I've never used before in order to make the movie and in the end they don't even work right! ahhhh! oh well tell your parents and Grace and Haley hi for me.