Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singing in the Rain!!!!

Did I ever say how much i LOVED the rain. It's beautiful!! I mean so what, it gets a little damp and dreary. BUT.... it washes away the bad and ugly, and comes in with the freash and the new. I feel like I can always start over fresh after it rains.... well thats my opinion anyways. You guys!!! I'm so mad that you guys are'nt keeping up with your blogs!!!!(Well except Prisca, but she doesnt count cause she is a newcomer) Im so dissapointed!! And when you i see you at school, the first thing im going to do is YELL at you for not doing it, just wait!!! Today was a really good day, I dont really know why, but the rain lifted my spirits.
So right now, I'm listening to my new obsession, MUSE!!!! Its a great band. Lets see what else can i talk about. Oh, one of my best friends just left for Equador, where she is staying for TWO FRIGGING MONTHS!!! And i mean MONTHS!! Ugg.... it makes me so mad. She is being banished there as a punishment, but that is a whole other story. Now i kinda feel a void in my life, like i dont know what to do w/o her. This is going to be the longest two months of my life.
Moving right along, now that i have finished my little tempure tantrum. Ok, so...... what else is new? School is pretty good right now, i have all the same classes but a few different teachers. Theater used to be my favorite class until someone unwelcome transfered into it, so now i want to shoot myself during class.But i get through it with help from my friend.... haha, that reminds me of the song by the Beatles -"With a Little Help From My Friends" Here is a link to the song... Tee Hee: http//:www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_BHs82Qhp0&feature=related HaHa!!! That say "i get HIGH with a little help from my friends. AHAHAHA!!!! I've never noticed that before. Oh.... good stuff. Well thats probably all for now.
'Till next time-

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  1. I'm keeping mine up now and I'm still sorry! You're blog makes me smile =] haha