Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ob-La-Dee Ob-La-Da Life goes on...

Well, life goes on my friends. We have weekend coming up here.... NO SCHOOL MONDAY!! Yay. For me Valentines day is depressing. Cause it reminds me I'm not allowed to date. But, whatever. This weekend is going to be fun. I have plans to hang out with my friends, and maybe catch the lighting thief. Ha Ha.. that's sound funny. But really, We want to go see if that movie is any good.
Progress reports are supposed to be coming soon, and I'm kinda nervous. Especially in Biology. "Why?", you are wondering,"She is a genius!" Well, that's true my fine feathered friends, but I really don't like my bio. teacher. He makes me mad. Me off..... Long story. So (because i am a teenager, and feel the need to rebel) i write really sloppy and don't do all my work to tick him off. Well, i suppose that is only half the truth. You see, I am REALLY lazy. Its the thing i hate most about myself, and i procrastinate a lot. Well, due to my laziness i didn't study and failed my biology test. So i will probably get a B in that class. But that is my worst subject, I mean really!! Who cares if your nervous system does something, and then causes that something to do something. When I'm in that class all i hear is the teachers from Charlie Brown. Blah, blah, blah.....
Okay, sorry about that rage.
P.S. Sam, so my theory about Jaws and Lucky are that they are married and had little yellow fish, except for the white fish that is the runt of the babies, and im naming him, Mitchell. Ha Ha, Get it?. THE END :)


  1. Haha yay albino! That just made my day. So you're gonna catch the Lightning Theif?

    I will be entertained and highly impressed if you do one of the things listed on the websites.

  2. omg we caught the lightning theif!!!!!!
    p.s. love ur blog (and because i have no life i AM on the computer right now so deal with it!!!) sorry i have a lot of rage. ok c ya bff
    <3 i think you know who