Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll yahoo your google and we will tweet togther..

Ahha..... did you read the title of the blog? HILARIOUS. Anywho....... Im kinda bored. So im going to ramble a little bit.
Lets see. Today, in theatre, we had a sub. and my friend said she has seen him before at a school concert smoking a joint. Whoa... talk about creepy. I mean, i like to think of my teachers as role models, and good Samaritans and junk like that. but whatever.
LALALAQLA.... ahh i might have to go soon so if i randomly cut off, it is becuase im pushing my limit on the computer and my mom is getting mad. AAAAHHHH the season finale of SMALLVILLE is on and im currenlt watching it!! wow... that clark kent is some Hot stuff!!! just kidding, you all know about my superman obession, but whatever...
gtg..... by


  1. For some reason this reminds me of last year when you asked Mrs. Chamberlin if 'schmuck' was a bad word haha...that's creepy about your sub though.
    Ohh, and my sister watched the season finale yesterday too :p

  2. Hahahaha Corrin thanks I just had a total flashback! Didn't Mrs. Chamberlin go into panic mode after she asked and was like "don't ever call somebody that, EVER!!" Oh good times.