Saturday, July 17, 2010

hi, hello... it mitchell davis

hello my little bloggers! Please forgive me for ignoring you!!!! ive been REEAALLYY super duper extra crazy busy. I went to montana, then i had summer school (YUCK!). and i know what you thinking, oh, pshhh, im not reading this blog any more, Smithers is a dumb-dumb! WELL, for your information it was a health class, not a stupid people class, Ok? ok. Im also really sorry to the people that have been emailing me... ahem...sam.... Please dont think that im ignoring you, cause im not!
Montana was AMAZING!!! i had so much fun! ok had to get that out there..
ok yes, about the title of this blog. If you dont know Mitchell Davis is a famous You tuber. He is hilarious!! oh man sssooooo funny, i almost piss my pants.Im thinking about making him one of my heros.(so you know this is serious if im considering that! :O) Just wanted to let you guys know about him.... look him up!
i just wanted to let you know i will blog again soon because, i actually have one written out. Lets just say ....... its a weird one. Well, maybe not weird, but kinda a downer. I'd like to think of it as inspirational, but im not a good writer, so lets not take it that far..... I wrote on the way home from Montana.
Oh, another thing!! TONIGHT, i am going to the hollywood bowl. I'm am seeing the bugs bunny symphony!!! its were you watch these cartoons, and during it the musicians are actually playing the sound from the cartoon! i think it will be really cool. I'll take pictures.

here is a link to what its about <3:
Well thats about it! ill update soon with the thing i wrote,

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