Sunday, July 18, 2010

it makes me sad...

yes people. This author does have feelings. And i wanted to let you know it makes me very sad when people dont comment. I almost makes me not want to post at all....
*GASP* Im sorry ABBY!!! i will always comment, for now on!!!!
See, now thats what i want to hear!You better be sorry!!! Or there will be HECK..... Ahem...Grace:)...
to pay!!!


  1. This is a pity comment. Sorry your readers haven't been showing their appreciation in you latley. I'm sure we all feel happy you've decided to update. Am I right peoples??

  2. Abby ill try to comment more. I miss you! =)

    - Matt N

  3. Whoa! I really like your new background!

  4. this is my first time on this blog(because I finally checked my email)

  5. I think Ammar deserves a big welcome. WELCOME TO ABBY'S BLOG, AMMAR!! There.

  6. YAY!!!!! AMMAAR IS HERE!!!!! make sure to watch my blog